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Latte Art Love

Latte Art Love is my first passion  –  it is more than just the conventional coffee shop. Latte Art Love specializes in bringing that beloved Coffee Culture to any special event by providing espresso bar services right on location.

the story

I had the idea of some sort of Italian Coffee delivery service for a few years before I launched Latte Art Love, but the logistics for such a concept at the time didn’t jam with my ideals of great coffee. It wasn’t until my husband and I traveled to Vienna, Austria that the idea of a mobile coffee shop began to materialize into reality.

Coffee Culture in Vienna was so different from what Culture Culture was like in Calgary of 2013. Coffee tasted insanely delicious; fresh Italian Coffee was available on site at our conference at nearly every vendor booth, and coffee drinkers there had a more sophisticated and appreciative palate for great Italian styled coffee. 

Somehow, vendors were able to bring in and grow local Coffee Culture temporarily in our working life at our conference via mobile espresso bar systems. This was what I wanted to bring back to Calgary.

Once I got back home, I obsessed over the idea of a mobile espresso bar service. Yes, a conventional cafe may have been a tried and true food service concept, but the mobility and bringing/sharing Coffee Culture in unconventional locations attracted me more.

 I am so grateful for my Engineer, Yeats Wong. I planned out the equipment and general dimensions of our mobile espresso bar system, but it was Yeats who made sure the system was structurally sounds and built specifically for my abilities and needs. We are currently on our third prototype and we continue to modify and improve the Latte Art Love espresso bar, so we can share our passion of Coffee Culture.

Latte Art Love

We wouldn’t have been able to test out and fix up any kinks in the concept without Maria & Shannon Hoover, who gave us a venue to kickstart our business. We first opened in June of 2014 at Endeavor Art Gallery & Event Space, which was run by the Hoovers, and developed and built our coffee box system there. We have grown from our tiny cafe to a full espresso bar service, now located at the ATB Entrepreneur Centre on the RED mile (17 Avenue SW).

Latte Art Love

That special something

I have brought my espresso bar system to so many special events, but fresh Italian coffee isn’t the only thing that attracts my clients. Latte Art Love is all about our love for latte art, of course!

Most of our R&D time was actually spent on developing better techniques for sharing our Latte Art and making Latte Art more feasible to create at off-site venues for bigger crowds.

Did you know?
I am actually the barista behind the Crypt Cafe monster videos! I was flown down to Hollywood to create latte art for the CryptTV team and Eli Roth, himself!

Founded & Operating since 2014
Headquarters: ATB Entrepreneur Centre – 1110 17 Avenue SW

Website: Latte Art Love

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