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When I first stepped onto the fashion scene, all I ever wanted was to become a spokesmodel. So you can just imagine how speechless and stunned I was when Aman Dhalay asked me to be Javeda’s brand ambassador.

the story

by Aman Dhalay

Javeda is so special to me. I wanted to have someone representing Javeda that understands and lives fashion. I wanted someone who cherishes the roots of fashion from conception of the idea to the actual production of the outfit and loves that whole process as much as I do.

I first met Elle at one of my casting calls and chose her as one of my models for a runway show at a charity event.

I will never forget this: After that runway show, I asked her, “Elle why are you still here?” She was free to go home and I would have been fine with that, but she said, “I just don’t like people leaving a mess and extra work for the designer. We should all stay back and make sure everything is set back into place, which is the professional way to do things.”

That told me Elle is more than just a model. She doesn’t let all the glamour of fashion go to her head. At the end of day, she appreciates all the hard work that goes into an event and does what she can to add to that success, even if she doesn’t have to.

She’s amazing at what she does – her talents are quite extensive, which makes her an Everything Girl.

I feel that Elle is very humble, hardworking, and driven with a lot of passion. She has a real understanding of fashion – she lives it everyday. She knows what the fashion industry is all about and how to carry it professionally.

She designs. She creates. She puts in the time and effort to do everything professionally, and she does it just for the passion of it.

Elle is one of a kind. I’m really honored and proud to have her be part of Javeda, and excited for the journey we have ahead of us.


Ambassador since 2013

Website: Javeda


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