Fashion Design has always fascinated me and I dabbled in the craft as early as eight years old. So you can imagined how excited I was when Ames Hagon agreed to launch a Fashion brand with me – betsuni, Japanese Fusion clothing & accessories.


the story

I’m sorry. There is no magical story behind betsuni. betsuni doesn’t have a love story. betsuni is the result of two friends who loved creating things. People ended up wanting to buy the things, so the two friends created a business name to sell the things under. An official business name made it easier to group the creations together and also … it sounded cool.

I have been working with Ames Hagon for a few years on various projects from blogging to event networking to sewing. We worked really well together – our skills complement each other, we are honest to each other, and we share the same work ethic. So when we started creating random things together and then began selling these things, it was just natural to work all our projects into a business format. I didn’t have to perform a song and dance to convince Ames – Ames and I just shared all we had to get the business going in the right direction. Everything just flowed easily and naturally into place.


That special something

Ames and I are huge fans of Haute Couture Fashion so we incorporate as much of these elements into our collections. We draw our own concepts, draft our own clothing patterns, spend hours searching for the right fabrics, and meticulously sew all the pieces together to create a beautiful garment that we find difficult to part with.

Founded in 2017
Studio: beaux-arts studio – 1802 1 street SW, Suite 205

Website: betsuni