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beaux-arts studio

beaux-arts studio was previously known and operated as Wed Studio under the care of Juliana Williams. Wed Studio offered opportunities to entrepreneurs to develop and grow their businesses and work together to provide a wonderful collection of products and services for a wedding. Eventually, I took over Wed Studio and expanded our products and services beyond the wedding industry.

beaux-arts studio


the story

As an entrepreneur, I absolutely love the concept of Wed Studio. By participating in a co-share work space, all members are able to reduce their business costs and work in a professional and elegant boutique studio on independent and collaborative projects. 

So, I joined Wed Studio in 2013 with Latte Art Love a studio member as a way into the wedding industry. I hosted tasting events for bridal parties and collaborated with other members on boutique events and photo shoots.

In 2015, I took ownership of Wed Studio and when we expanded our products and services beyond that of the wedding industry, I renamed Wed Studio to beaux-arts studio – a members only collaborative space of Fine Arts.

That special something

Juliana & Aman (our Studio Manager) did a wonderful job at turning a dark, out-of-date, and tiny law office into a bright, creativity inspiring boutique studio that matched the high quality of the products & services of our members.

I continued with this idea and added additional amenities, like a mini photo studio, sewing room, and event supplies, so our members can easily move from client meetings to work space to product photography to pop up gallery. It really is an all-in-one space for a well-rounded entrepreneur.

Renamed & Newly Founded in 2018
Operated as Wed Studio since 2012

Office: 1802 1 street SW, Suite 205

Website: beaux-arts studio